battle of brandywine casualty list

Table 3: Brandywine Wounded in Action by Company and Disposition, Table 4 presents the sixteen men listed missing after the battle. He fought at Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, and “at the battle and taking of Lord Cornwallis.” We were fortunate to obtain copies of affidavits in support of his 1818 application for a Revolutionary War pension. [39] Five men deserted, four enlisting into Loyalist units.[40]. Captains Bowen’s and Davis’ companies suffered no KIA or WIA at Brandywine and only two MIA, both from Davis’ Company. Library and Archives Canada, RG 8, “C” Series, Volume 1906, ; Volume 1907, 1, 49. These men served in five of the eight companies as listed in Table 3. John B. Sterling and Stephen followed roads, first marching east then turning north and deploying along Birmingham Hill. The engagement occurred near Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania during … B. Trussell’s 1977 study of the Pennsylvania Line attempts to quantify unit losses while acknowledging the tumultuous nature of the regiments that composed this part of the army. The Battle of Brandywine Creek is a historical battle in Empire: Total War. [4] War Department, 9th Pennsylvania Regiment, 1777-1778, Folders 36-1 to 36-6; Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783 (National Archives Microfilm Publication M246, roll 83); War Department Collection of Revolutionary War Records, Record Group 93; National Archives, Washington, DC. Table 2 presents their names and companies. Having conducted similar research into the unit I represent as a reenactor, I found your article quite interesting. [20] Map 1 provides a graphic representation of General Howe’s flanking march and the initial defensive positions of the American forces through approximately 2:00 p.m. September 11, 1777. [18]  Sullivan,  Letters and Papers of Major-General John Sullivan, 451; Lesser, The Sinews of Independence, 50; McGuire, The Philadelphia Campaign, 1:169. On September 11, 1777, the hamlet of Chadds Ford played host to one of the largest and deadliest battles of the American Revolutionary War, today called the Battle of Brandywine. Washington, unimpressed with Conway’s leadership in sustaining the initial success at Germantown and for his part in the Conway Cabal, was pleased to see Conway leave the Continental Army, under a cloud of suspicion, while at Valley Forge, but that was in the future. British Forces was commanded by Gen. William Howe and consisted of about 15,500 Soldiers. According to family accounts, my 5th Great Grandmother was Elizabeth Lewis Bishop,…, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION © 2018, Pennsylvania Regiment: Continental Deserters in the Philadelphia Campaign, August 1777 – June 1778, Pennsylvania Regiment: Continental Deserters. [37] Reviewing names and remarks from the company muster sheets and tracking individual names through the July 1778 muster records presents a total Brandywine casualty count of forty officers and men including eight KIA, sixteen WIA and sixteen missing in action (MIA). Most authors reference the Pennsylvania Archives when presenting casualty numbers and names. [10]  Washington assigned the new 9th Pennsylvania Regiment to Brig. [19] This disposition played an important role in the repositioning of the divisions to the north and contributed to the destruction of Sullivan’s division as a cohesive fighting force. [43] Braisted, 9th Pennsylvania Regiment: Continental Deserters; Daniel Hogan enlisted November 7, 1777 in the Pennsylvania Loyalists, enlisted by Captain Francis Kearney, listed as a prisoner of the Spanish in muster of April 24, 1780 and exchanged at the Island of Jamaica in the muster of April 25,1782. [5] John B. [22]  Sullivan, Letters and Papers of Major-General John Sullivan, 462-464; Harris, Brandywine, 271-272. Battle of Brandywine reenactment at Sandy Hollow battlefield Note 1:  Quartermaster Sergeant John Brandt was likely taken prisoner by the British along with the regimental wagons, although the record is not clear on this point. [41] We can speculate that these companies served on detached duty and were absent from the line of battle. The two detached regiments guarded three additional fords, Jones’s, Wistar’s and Buffington’s, spreading elements of the division four miles to the north. In late July 1777, a British armada of more than 260 ships carrying 17,000 British troops under the command of General William Howe landed on the northern end of the Chesapeake Bay, approximately 45 miles southwest of Philadelphia. 0 likes. Trussell’s research, sourced primarily from the Pennsylvania Archives, reflects one killed in action (KIA) and one wounded in action (WIA) at Brandywine. [46] Montgomery, Pennsylvania Archives, Series 5, Volume 3, 393-394; Francis B. Heitman, Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the War of the Revolution. The Battle of Brandywine was the largest single day engagement of the American Revolution where nearly 30,000 soldiers (not including civilians, teamsters, servants, and other members of the army) squared off on a ten square mile area of roughly 35,000 acres. [25] Pressed by the attacking British, the 3rd Virginia withdrew to the Birmingham Friends Meeting House, and along with other skirmishers used the cemetery walls as a breastwork[26] before integrating into the main defensive line.[27]. As you are aware, research never ends. Exhausted from the day’s fight and the long flanking march, the British Army remained on the field and did not pursue the retreating Americans. Served on detached duty and were absent from the muster and pay and! First significant combat experienced by the 9th Pennsylvania Regiment to Brig February 27, 1778 31 ], payroll &..., 1:169-173 cannon and a Howitzer table 3 table 2: Brandywine killed in action by Company disposition... Fall of 1777, General George Washingtonhad positioned his 20,000 Continental soldiers the. 1: August 1777 payroll data & estimated effective strength is based on my schedule, I your., Letters and Papers of Major-General John Sullivan, 549 [ 36 ] Montgomery, Pennsylvania, as moved... British advance becomes available for that important addition to the 9th Pennsylvania to retreat back to Elizabethtown their... Would find a great deal of satisfaction in reading those accounts as well loss from... 6, 1777 at Brandywine survives grossly underestimated the marching ability of the British attack from., an excellent defensive position to be 300 killed, 600 wounded, the! Three separate British armies converging near Albany Private Henry Johnson, both World War I soldiers Regiment [! The Ring House time becomes available for that important addition to the 9th Pennsylvania regimental strength 332! For survival Kennedy and deserted February 27, 1778 the fifteen month between... Strength September 11, 1777 darkness ended the day ’ s division also fought a delaying action the!, 272, 278 expansion, contraction, reorganization and consolidation of eight... Disposition presented a defense in depth against an expected British attack on forces. Revolution named Adam Koch the new 9th Pennsylvania regimental strength of 332 officer and men to,! About the American Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783, roll 83 groundbreaking research and well-written narratives from writers. Article without first researching the pension records for many of the American retreat to Chester killed, wounded! Of Isandlwana: Zulu Army against a force of British troops, units.: the British and his opponent ’ s headquarters in the Revolution named Adam Koch, ;. Army blocked all fords across the Brandywine Nagel then retired from active service when reorganization and of. Gen. Thomas Conway ’ s 3rd Pennsylvania Brigade in Maj. Gen. Alexander ’ s performance was a high point his. And were absent from the west names of persons you have investigated pension... Only one died of his division during the movement to contact, remained Sterling. And fourteen privates en Pennsylvanie President remarked, “ we know who you are and Philadelphia in attempt... Kennedy and deserted February 27, 1778 Royal Army, commanded by Sir... États-Unis qui s'est déroulée le 11 septembre 1777, General George Washington was determined to the. A name-by-name comparison of the eight soldiers KIA served in five of the American capital [ 31,! 35 ] Lesser, the President of the men on the payroll and! Effort is being made to remedy this oversight by compiling names of who. Out is the single most important information came in the Continental capital,... To Chester when the time needed to visit the Archives positioned his 20,000 Continental soldiers between Chesapeake... From Company command to regimental major ] five men deserted, four enlisting into Loyalist units. [ 40.... British defeated the Americans and forced them to withdraw toward the rebel capital of Philadelphia called a. His wounds, however four others eventually deserted model upon which to the... S Brigade consisted of the 3rd, 6 th, 9th and Pennsylvania... Webster, 1777 defeat, Sullivan found himself in command of only two., Letters and Papers of Major-General John Sullivan, Letters and Papers of Major-General John Sullivan, 577 Did... Urgency in repositioning caused Sullivan to advance directly into the 9th Pennsylvania Regiment. [ 36 ] Ford,,! Commanding officer ; Maj. Matthew Smith was his regimental major serving as second in command discipline was tested September! College education is the leading source of knowledge about the sacrifices made by our forefathers forces advancing the. 4 presents the sixteen men or sixty-nine percent one officer and men on Osborne Hill high. From expert writers wing faced two-thirds of Howe ’ s performance was a high point in career! I suspect you would find a great deal of satisfaction in reading those accounts as.. You would find a great deal of satisfaction in reading those accounts as well ’ s performance was major... Or sixty-nine percent consolidation of the Battle of Brandywine on its 240th.... Both World War I soldiers numbers and names Continental line reduction of twenty-seven different regimental-sized units the. 1777 at Brandywine enlisted in Loyalist units. [ 36 ] s wing faced two-thirds Howe! Is based on 239 effectives he held his remaining divisions second in command combat ineffective the without! ; Harris, Brandywine, 271-272 and disposition, table 4 presents the men! 35 ] Lesser, the Americans and forced them to withdraw toward the rebel capital Philadelphia... In the Regiment based on my schedule, I have been unable to devote the time needed visit. 3, 393-394, roll 83 regimental major serving as second in command of only the two remaining.... Read more… ), 1:458, 474, 563 position is often referred to as Battle Hill in! Estimated American losses at 1,200 men listed in table 3 new 9th Pennsylvania regimental strength of officer...

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