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The design procedure for a typical barrier is set out in Figure 3.1. A balustrade is needed wherever there is a drop of more than a metre, such as on a deck, staircase or balcony. Subsequently, we work alongside our clients to ensure they meet the building code whether they are retrofitting existing residential balustrade or wishing to renovate one that is non-code compliant to meet current legislation. Balustrades are a compulsory part of NZ building regulations and do an incredibly important job, keeping people safe from falling and hurting themselves when they are at heights. f�������!�^���"�F�4�(FG����Kx ��3V���=�B�]��t��@D�2�})�f`i�Ҍ@� � 0d+n endstream endobj 364 0 obj <>/Metadata 9 0 R/Pages 361 0 R/StructTreeRoot 13 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 365 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/Properties<>>>/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.276 779.528]/Type/Page>> endobj 366 0 obj <>stream But even if the balustrade is built to industry regulations the strength of a balustrade is only as good as the substrate it is fixing to. It can vary in appearance from simply a rail with supporting balusters, all the way to a full fence. They will be able to assist you. Edge joist or ... strength and amenity to ensure the final design meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. It also needs to have a lifespan of no less than 15 years for the balusters, which are the posts supporting the top and bottom rails. Both have the same purpose though: to keep you safe. At present the balustrades on the staircase do not meet new consent building code as they are more than 20cm apart as the staircase was erected in the 1980`s. Work comes with council required producer statements. Incorporating stairway balustrades is an effective way of beautifying and adding safety features at the same time. A balustrade is a low wall around the deck or balcony designed to prevent people from falling over the edge. You’ll need to start with a detailed plan of your deck, designed to comply with the NZS3604 Building Code. With a standard 10 year powder coating warranty, aluminium balustrades are not only durable against NZ's harsh outdoor environment, but are also very low maintenance. Wrought iron balustrades are great for using in small areas where a decorative finish is required. On the website of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Development, you will find a document which gives design guidance for barriers. In some cases, the 50-year requirement will apply to fixings for structural elements of safety barriers, but in most cases 15 years is adequate. Before you begin. Built to last, yet modern and stylish. Stairs, ramps and their landings = 900mm 1. Guide to Installing Balustrades – Up to NZ Building Code Standard, A balustrade is needed wherever there is a drop of more than a metre, such as on a deck, staircase or balcony. Check out our range of frameless, semi-framed, and framed glass balustrades. In contemporary styles, the balustrade can be panes of industrial-grade glass that lend stairs a sophisticated appearance. Balconies, decks and balustrades Homeowners, tenants and property owners should regularly check and maintain any balconies, decks and balustrades. The steel will need to be galvanised to give it protection against the weather if it is installed outside. Thanks for getting in touch. The links below are the latest PS1 for our various balustrades: Wooden frame face fix with "V" wire infill; Canopy system; Edge mounted glass clamps for both 22 and 23 M10, M12 sizes; Stainless steel frame face fix with "V" wire infill; Stainless steel frame top fix with "V" wire infill; Stainless steel frame face fix with vertical wire infill If a deck or patio is 1.5 metres above a flat lawn, then the height someone could fall is obviously 1.5 metres. A balustrade is needed wherever there is a drop of more than a metre, such as on a deck, staircase or balcony. Panels are constructed with strong and rust-free aluminium for enhanced durability and comply with current New Zealand safety standards. In New Zealand, there are minimum height regulations for balustrades for stairs, as well as for balustrades on stair landings. materials and fixings used in balustrades and barriers. You’ll also need to have your balustrades installed by an approved contractor who can provide PS3 statements to meet building consent requirements. Framed glass ones are the most affordable and feature a frame around each piece of glass. Then you’re in the right place, we take a look…. Deck less than 1m above ground = none required 4. Basically, the less framing used, the higher the cost. You’ll also need to have your balustrades installed by an approved contractor who can provide PS3 statements to meet building consent requirements. Aluminium and timber balustrades. We would like to thank you all for manufacturing the new balustrades for the decks at out beach house so faultlessly. A deck, balcony or veranda must comply with the Building Act 2004 and the New Zealand Building Code. Choose a style. The issue with using horizontal stainless steel wire balustrade infills is the risk that the council monitoring officer does not accept the solution when it comes time to sign it off. We are lucky in New Zealand that there are plenty of balustrade manufacturers to choose from and many different aesthetic styles too. The top of the balustrade also needs to be “positioned between 900 and 1000mm above the pitch line.” It is vital that when choosing a balustrade type, you only pick ones which meet the requirements set out by the Building Code. See more ideas about building a deck, deck railings, deck railing design. � �7��Tb���>= � Aʼ�������ӏ������Q They are a low-cost option, but do require more maintenance. AS/NZS 1170.2 sets out the wind loads that barriers must be designed to resist. 363 0 obj <> endobj 414 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<725D0CC648F7447C9ACF94296FC081C4><45B76222C1E741DEB0B3EF7F412A7104>]/Index[363 118]/Info 362 0 R/Length 198/Prev 295791/Root 364 0 R/Size 481/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Balustrade Systems NZ Ltd T/A HomePlus Exterirors provides a wide range of exterior products to commercial and residentail clients. Aluminium and timber balustrades are a cost-effective deck railing system, and thanks to the slim aluminium spindles, they won’t block your surroundings. See more ideas about deck balustrade ideas, railing design, balcony railing design. � endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 480 0 obj <>stream Safety is also a primary consideration for any outdoor balustrade for stairs, and it always pays to consult with a design or construction professional or the local building authority to ensure any balustrade chosen meets or exceeds requirements. Pedestrian Bridge = 1100mm 7. If you’d like a free quote from one of our tradies, as well as some advice on choosing the right balustrade for your home, post your job today! The classic balustrade system in NZ consists of uniform, evenly spaced posts topped by a rail. The top of the balustrade also needs to be “. Mezzanine = 1100mm 5. �Բ�6Q� I am thinking of purchasing a property for the purpose of renting it out. One dictionary definition of ‘to fall’ is ‘to d… Wrought iron is also great for using when you have awkward shapes and sizes which need a safety barrier. How do I get a balustrade? They can be used both indoors and out and are cheaper than wrought iron and steel versions. Aluminium balustrades are often used on balconies and as pool fencing. Check out all the other great home improvement products offered by Peak. If the fall is greater than one metre, an approved balustrade must be installed. =��0&Ri k��N�+��{�.���x�����Y�@�E���h�}0�R��Us2��Q��)� �!b�Xi\��8K�A��[Mܡ�\���N*�����D�X���:��B���4�� ~� QUALITY DESIGN Specialists in the design, fabrication and installation of quality aluminium and glass balustrades and glass pool fences at the best prices. The connecting process is protected by NZ patent #594581. Provista Balustrade & Pool Fencing Systems use solutions that have been designed to comply with both residential and commercial building regulations. �r����g��z�ET�Z9SDO�[Z��o�\�\�)8O�%u䰴�:-����WY��%}���'Z�Љ�5�U�z�E;O��Ki��8�ݬ���5�4��-h+%���=�K����Y�@c8M�h���&|�b�?Ь�R�c���R��!�.ј6`���^h�����_��l2��ݖ�J|[�>U�o>�@wong�j�\|���T�)��[)>V����|R�~=��:x7���ł6v��������m%ޞ^��i5y��S���O�]��yc�����ּ��or. Decks four metres (4m) from the ground or higher need to meet additional design requirements. Get a view, for less! On the, website of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Development. Jun 17, 2020 - Explore Paul Barton's board "Deck balustrade ideas" on Pinterest. We found the name of your company from an internet search. Building or replacing a balcony or deck All our glass balustrades are made from toughened glass and are fully compliant with the stringent requirements set out in the New Zealand Building Standard codes. See our How to Design a Deck Easy As guide & video, this will take you through the process step by step.. Frameless glass balustrades are the costliest and are usually fixed together with high grade stainless steel channels. Glass and aluminium balustrades are safety barriers designed to prevent people falling from heights. It is recommended that occupiers of all residential dwellings with a timber deck or balcony (particularly those built before the 1940s) have them checked for structural integrity. The New Zealand Building Code Section F4 (safety from falling) precludes balustrades which can be … Am I required by law to rectify the standard with regard to the space between between the balustrades? At Bay Glass and Glazing, we offer a wide range of frameless and semiframeless glass balustrade options for decks, stairways, balconies, terraces and pools customized to fit most shapes, frames, styles and finishes. Add a safety barrier to your balcony or deck that won’t block out the scenery. In matters of tenancy we advise contacting Tenancy Services.

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